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build:docker Build Docker
Using docker image sha256:cf0bbd4500c6d7c8dc438c69a9cf381e4461c47a5d0977e385e477a9976b1a2d for docker:latest ...
Running on runner-0e7aa58f-project-18057-concurrent-0 via d1d7d635dd60...
Cloning repository...
Cloning into '/builds/ps788dh/ATvI_uppermost'...
Checking out 1530e2f7 as master...
Skipping Git submodules setup
$ docker build --tag="$IMAGE_TAG" .
unable to prepare context: unable to evaluate symlinks in Dockerfile path: lstat /builds/ps788dh/ATvI_uppermost/Dockerfile: no such file or directory
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1