Commit 82b9ff15 authored by Matúš Sulír's avatar Matúš Sulír
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Fix like-text bugs

parent 2b5f2d67
......@@ -34,15 +34,15 @@ void unlike_post(post_t *post) {
* post - the post of interest
* buf - a buffer at least 30 bytes long (if int is 64-bit)
* This function is a candidate for refactoring.
* This function is intentionally awful - it is a candidate for refactoring.
char *like_count_text(post_t *post, char *buf) {
int var1 = post->like_count;
int var2 = (var1 == 1);
sprintf(post, "%d", var1);
sprintf(buf, "%d likes", var1);
int len = strlen(buf);
if (var2) {
sprintf(post, "%d like", var1);
sprintf(buf, "%d like", var1);
return buf;
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