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# LaTeX image for Gitlab-CI
The image is based on Fedora because it allows to select individual TeXLive packages.
It contains two base collections:
* `latexrecommended` — recommended set of LaTeX packages and fonts
* `langczechslovak` — support for Slovak language
It also includes following additional packages:
* `biblatex` — BibLaTeX and Biber are more modern alternatives to BibTeX
* `biblatex-iso690` — ISO690 styles for formatting citations
* `cm-mf-extra-bold` — bold versions of some CM fonts (needed by CAI template)
* `glossaries` — Create glossaries and lists of acronyms
* `minted` — colorful code syntax highlighting using Pygments libraty
* `tcolorbox` — colored and framed text boxes
* `xargs` — utility to define commands with many optional arguments
## How to Use
Use the following `.gitlab-ci.yml` file. You need to set name of your main TeX file in the `MAIN_TEX_FILE` variable. In some cases you may need to modify parameters passed to `latexmk`, for example, add `-shell-escape` if you use minted.
MAIN_TEX_FILE: name-of-main-tex-file-without-extension
stage: build
- latexmk -pdf -interaction=nonstopmode $MAIN_TEX_FILE
expire_in: 2 weeks
## „Download PDF“ Project Badge
You can have a nice badge at the top of your Gitlab project page to access latest PDF of your document.
![download PDF](
Go to the Settings → General → Badges and add badge with the following parameters:
- Name: `download PDF`
- Link: `{project_path}/-/jobs/artifacts/%{default_branch}/raw/name-of-main-tex-file.pdf?job=pdf`
- Badge image URL: ``
Don't forget to change the `name-of-main-tex-file` in the link URL.
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